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Cosa c'è da saper su di noi 

Professional profile: The figure of the Hawaiian Health Therapist will have knowledge, skills and experience in direct personal health care of individuals. The knowledge, skills and experience are based on a demonstration of learning of native practices acquired through the teaching of Kumu Waiolama (Lorenza Beltrami Manetti), direct practice with native Hawaiian kumu and knowledge of the philosophy and culture of Hawai ' i, transmitted over the centuries through oral traditions from generation to generation; Ho'Oponopono and the Hawaiian Wisdom. In the Knowledge of Hawai'i there are spiritual and energetic Ohana. The energy threads connect people to each other. It is very important to find your roots. All these memories are presented to us every day. So I can 'here and now' close a circle. Bring, then heavy situations to 'zero' and live 'Aloha' (unconditional love) with Joy here and now. Our Soul makes us live what is right for us. Be aware that our history 'serves' us. "Give yourself the best of you right now," say the Hawaiian sages. HALE is the 'place' where one can be together in the family, share together. OLA is the 'healing' in the complete sense. Spirituality is the sacred energy present in everything. In the concept of Health in 'Hawaiian Medicine' is included the principle of Well-Being, even Spiritual. The perception of Health, at 360 °, is based on: Awareness; Responsibility and Relationships. Through this path, you learn to know a different culture, which will bring new energy, coming out of stagnant energy. One learns to honor one's own land, just as the Hawaiians themselves did with theirs.


Sincerely Lorenza Beltrami Manetti Waiolama Director of the school.

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